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Transformation promotes development, innovation creates brilliance


 Change is the soul of a company's progress and an inexhaustible driving force for its development. In September 2022, the company's six-month management change came to a successful conclusion. On September 28th, General Manager Zhang Ming, along with company executives and teachers from the change project team, held a "Grand Strategy and Excellent Operations Summary Meeting" in the large conference room on the first floor. 

 At the meeting, the change project team presented the results of the change, fully affirming its core data and effectiveness. During the excellent operation period, all core data had a certain degree of improvement, such as an increase in the order delivery rate to 98%, an increase in the timely delivery rate to 85%, a decrease in the number of abnormal R&D drawings to 2 times per month, an increase in the production achievement rate to 96%, a significant improvement in the company's management and collaboration abilities, and the courage of the company's employees to abandon fixed thinking methods, Good at thinking, daring to innovate, and the spirit of change has been deeply implemented in work and life. 

 Subsequently, representatives of the company's management gave a profound speech on the outstanding operational management reform. During the reform period, all employees of Pengjin actively cooperated, fully invested, and efficiently implemented. They firsthand experienced the improvement of departmental work standards and work efficiency caused by the excellent operational management reform. In their future work, they will constantly examine themselves, revise themselves, standardize management, and be brave in innovation, Inherit and optimize the methods of this management change. 

 General Manager Zhang Ming summarized his speech and expressed gratitude to all outstanding colleagues and the great management consulting teacher for their efforts and efforts. He also pointed out that this management change was initiated at the right time, and the company is in a golden period of development and growth. Timely management changes play a crucial role in the company's rapid development, efficient employee work, and advanced talent. Managing change requires a focus on the process, being adept at capturing core data, learning to apply results orientation, and inheriting excellent change achievements for personal use. Company employees should have a spirit of continuous learning, and the company is developing rapidly. Employees should breathe and share the same fate with the company, continue to learn, and make progress together. 

 Finally, General Manager Zhang Ming awarded the Honorary Medal of "Management Improvement Expert, Enterprise Good Teacher and Friend" and "Excellent Strategic Partner" to Yuanda Fanglue Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and signed the employee training contract for the "Excellent Operation Series Practical Class". Both parties took a group photo to commemorate the occasion. The summary meeting of this excellent operation project has come to a successful conclusion. 

 Through this management reform, Pengjin has established a more standardized management system, a more efficient work process, a more lean talent training plan, the concept of change has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, employees' thoughts are highly unified, and the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been significantly improved. Of course, this management change is only a small step in the rapid development of Pengjin. The spirit of "Pengjin people" who dare to change and innovate will continue, continuously learning excellent management methods and systems, absorbing and inheriting, optimizing innovation, and providing inexhaustible power for the development of the enterprise. 

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