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Pengjin Technology Management Leadership Enhancement and Expansion Training

 On March 12, the company organized management cadres to Mount Luofu Scenic Area to carry out leadership improvement and expansion training with the theme of "Be Vigorous, Cooperate Sincerely and Exceed Yourself". This training activity consists of two parts: team refining and challenge project. Under the management's highly tacit team cooperation and efficient communication, the company successfully completed the leadership improvement and expansion training project carefully designed by the project team, Finally, the management of Pengjin Technology ended a day of leadership enhancement and expansion training with a fruitful mood. 

 Pengjin Technology always focuses on the cultivation and development of employees, actively tapping into their intrinsic energy and potential to demonstrate better leadership and management skills in their work positions. Through this management leadership enhancement and expansion training, management employees can have a deeper understanding of their potential, enhance their work confidence, and enhance the overall cohesion of the enterprise. 

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