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Reviewing and summarizing, clarifying goals, consolidating cohesion, and starting again

Record Pengjin Technology 2023 Strategic Planning Conference

 On December 3rd, Pengjin Technology successfully held the 2023 strategic planning meeting, with Chairman Tan Junhua and all management of the company attending the discussion, and General Manager Zhang Ming presiding over the meeting. 

 Firstly, Mr. Zhang provided a summary report on the implementation of the 2022 strategy. Overall, nearly 100% of the target was achieved this year, and all centers and departments have completed the established strategic tasks with high quality, with some even exceeding the target. As of press release, the company has achieved its annual target in terms of operations and has introduced four strategic investment institutions, injecting tens of millions of yuan into the company. In terms of scientific research, we have applied for 3 invention patents and 10 utility model patents, and have won the "2022 Fast Growing Enterprise" and "Guangdong Province 2022 Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise" awards at the High Tech Lithium Battery High Tech Gold Ball Awards. In terms of management, the company has established a set of standard system processes for quasi listed companies, with clearer work goals and job responsibilities for employees, and significantly improved work efficiency; The supply chain system has become increasingly perfect, the company's data system has taken shape, Lean manufacturing is steadily advancing, and research and innovation has achieved many results. Secondly, Mr. Zhang presided over and planned strategic plans for 2023 and several years thereafter. President Zhang analyzed the company's environment, future development trend, Product lifecycle, internal resource capacity and other data by using TEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces and other analysis tools, and accordingly formulated a practical five-year strategic plan in line with Pengjin's development characteristics, while deploying the 2023 strategic objectives and functional strategies of each department. Mr. Zhang has pointed out the direction for the future work of each center and department. Mr. Zhang fully affirmed the company's development performance in 2022, while also requiring us to have a clear understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the company. 

 The second item of the meeting: Each center director and department manager will report on the center's and department's strategic plans for the coming year from aspects such as the center's annual action plan, team building plan, and human resource planning. Through this annual strategic report, the management has clarified the direction for future development, providing clear direction guidance for the company's core management team; Still in the direction of development, clear and quantifiable indicators have been established for short-term and long-term goals, forming highly consistent goals; We have conducted sufficient discussions on the key strategic measures to achieve our goals, forming a clear and clear path; A high degree of consensus has been reached among the core management teams regarding the overall strategic goals and measures; After discussion and argumentation by the management, a practical and feasible path has been found to achieve the strategic goals, laying a solid foundation for confidence in achieving them. 

 At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tan Junhua, the chairman of the company, made a concluding speech, stressing that Pengjin Technology has entered the track of rapid development, and all centers and departments should strengthen internal communication of enterprises, carry forward the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and enhance the cohesion and Centripetal force of enterprises. We need to improve internal control systems, optimize management levels, and improve work efficiency. Increasing the introduction of outstanding talents, establishing a complete and sound talent training system, and creating a positive and innovative competitive atmosphere for enterprises are also the focus of future work. At this strategic meeting, we summarized the past and, while enjoying the fruitful harvest this year, also determined a clear direction for future development. For Pengjin Technology, opportunities and challenges coexist in the future. We have always been committed to providing better platforms for employees, creating greater value for customers, and contributing more benefits to society. Here, we hope that all Pengjin employees can remember their goals, missions, and original intentions, work together to create brilliance. 

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