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Fast growth and continuous progress, warmly congratulating Pengjin Technology on being awarded the title of 2022 High tech Lithium Battery Fast Growing Enterprise


 Dongguan Pengjin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the Golden Globe Award of High tech Lithium Battery High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech High tech Industrial Golden Globe Award in 2022, and was honored as the industry's "Oscar" High tech Industrial Golden Globe Award. The "gold content" is extremely high, becoming the honor of fierce competition among enterprises. The winner of the Gaogong Golden Globe Award is a recognized brand benchmark in the industry chain and a favored target of capital. 

 Figure 1: Chairman Tan Junhua at the ceremony for awarding the High tech Golden Globe Award (fifth from left is Chairman Tan Junhua) 

 2022 is a year of rapid development and expansion for Pengjin Technology. The company has introduced various talents on a large scale, sales orders have doubled, high-quality production capacity has been continuously released, and excellent capital has flooded in, all of which have verified the growth and development of Pengjin Technology. 

 Pengjin Technology has always adhered to the principles of ultimate balance between energy and resources, and ultimate balance between energy and safety, continuously innovating technology and building hard core product capabilities; Accelerate the release of high-quality production capacity, meet the high growth needs of diversified customers, and respond to increasingly fierce market competition with first-class technical solutions, extreme product quality, and delivery times. 

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