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High quality development of enterprises to support the transformation of town and street industries

Pengjin Technology was awarded the title of Advanced Enterprise of Changping Town in 2022

 Recently, Changping Town, Dongguan City released the "Notice of the People's Government of Changping Town on the Work of the Town in 2022", which pointed out the priorities of the work of Changping Town in 2022 and announced the list of advanced work units of Changping Town in 2022. At present, there are more than 4000 enterprises in Changping Town, including 231 industrial enterprises above designated size. Dongguan Pengjin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. won the "11th Enterprise Contributing to Annual Scale and Value in 2022" and "9th Enterprise Contributing to Annual Effect in 2022" respectively. 

 Pengjin Technology relocated to Changping Town in January 2022 and received warm welcome from the Changping People's Government and strong support from various government agencies. Thanks to this, Pengjin Technology quickly took root in Changping Town and developed with high quality. In 2022, production capacity will be doubled and released, with an output value exceeding one billion yuan. It is highly favored by the capital market and has completed strategic financing of tens of millions of yuan. Pengjin Technology belongs to the new energy intelligent equipment manufacturing industry. The development of Pengjin Technology injects vitality into the new energy industry of Changping Town and contributes to the transformation of Changping Town's industry. 

 Pengjin Technology actively responds to the national "dual carbon" goal, adhering to the corporate mission of "driving the development of new energy circular economy with technology", deeply rooted in the new energy intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, and comprehensively implementing the national new energy development strategy. At this stage of vigorous development in the new energy industry and the rapid expansion of the power battery and energy storage battery markets, Pengjin Technology will focus on strategy, introduce talents, continue to provide a stage for employees, create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, and create wealth for society. 

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