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With each passing day, there is a vast expanse of progress

Pengjin Technology 2023 Welcome and Commendation Conference Successfully Achieved

 On February 12, 2023, Dongguan Pengjin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2023 New Year Welcome and Commendation Conference of "changing with each passing day and promising future". All employees of Pengjin Technology attended the evening party, which also invited customer representatives, investor representatives and supplier representatives to participate, for the sake of verifying the brilliant grand ceremony of Pengjin Technology. 

 This evening party arranged exciting events such as commendation, programs, prize draws, and cash draws. The program was brilliant and climaxed, bringing a unique audio-visual feast to everyone present, receiving unanimous praise from employees and guests. Let's enjoy the wonderful moments of this evening party together! 

 The theme of this evening party is: changing with each passing day, and the journey of Pengjin is vast. It fully showcases the rapid development of Pengjin Technology and the new face of Pengjin people. We believe that under the leadership of Mr. Tan's company management and the joint efforts of all Pengjin people, Pengjin Technology will surely create another brilliant future. 

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