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Overcoming Difficulties, Ensuring Progress, Standardizing Construction, and Ensuring Quality

Verdi Project Harvest Banner

 In the golden autumn of October, the fragrance of osmanthus wafts. During this harvest season, Pengjin Technology also receives the "Progress Guarantee Award" and "Standardized Construction Award" from the LPC project departments of Wuhan and Yongning Fodi batteries. This represents the recognition of our delivery time by customers and is also a result that Pengjin Technology has always regarded delivery time and quality as its core business philosophy and will surely achieve. 

 To meet delivery deadlines and ensure quality, Pengjin Technology starts from the responsiveness of technical solutions and has a first-class technical research and development team that can quickly develop customer satisfactory technical solutions. The complete supply chain system provides support for Pengjin Technology to shorten the procurement time and ensure the quality of incoming materials. Lean manufacturing and strict quality control are the key to achieving the quality requirements and the standards strictly implemented by Pengjin Technology. The experienced on-site engineering team of the project controls the last checkpoint to achieve the dual goals of quality and delivery. 

 Pengjin Technology always takes improving customer satisfaction as its core principle, winning market reputation with quality and delivery time. In the context of the rapid development of the new energy industry and the fierce market competition of lithium battery core manufacturers accelerating production capacity layout, Pengjin Technology is willing to make every effort to ensure the quality and delivery time of the project, and is willing to grow and progress together with various core lithium battery manufacturers. 

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