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Capital Assists the New Energy Circular Economy, and Pengjin Technology Achieves tens of millions of Strategic Financing


 Pengjin Technology has completed tens of millions of strategic financing. On November 15th, Pengjin Technology held a strategic investment signing ceremony with Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Financial Group, Decai Fund, Zhiyun New Energy, and Jianhe Fund. 

 Tan Junhua, Chairman of Pengjin Technology, thanked various investment institutions for their support to Pengjin. He stated that driven by the global "dual carbon" goal, the development of the new energy industry has entered a fast lane. Power batteries are moving from GWh manufacturing to TWh manufacturing era, and the application scale of energy storage batteries has moved towards GWh, which is in the ascendant and rapid growth stage. The development of overseas new energy industries has brought new development opportunities to the layout of China's new energy industry. The tens of millions of financing in this round will mainly be used to expand production capacity, develop new products, and introduce high-end talents. Regarding several other investment institutions that have not been allocated quotas in this round, Tan Dong emphasized that the company will start the next round of financing as soon as possible and accelerate the preparation work for IPO. 

 Mr. Liu Shengjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Financial Group, delivered a speech, stating that Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Financial Group is an investment institution in Dongguan that focuses on high-end electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and other strategic emerging industries. It will rely on the advantages of local resources to support the rapid growth of invested enterprises. Mr. Liu has put forward valuable suggestions for Pengjin Technology. He hopes that Pengjin Technology will focus on strategy, introduce talents, continue to provide a stage for employees, create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, and create wealth for society. At the same time, Mr. Liu also gave good wishes to Pengjin Technology. He wished Pengjin Technology continued development and became a first-class domestic new energy equipment company. 

 Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Financial Group, Decai Fund, Zhiyun New Energy, and Jianhe Fund are all committed to the new energy economy and each has their own strengths. This joint investment in Pengjin Technology will enable the already strong development of Pengjin Technology to plug in the wings of capital, and will definitely make greater contributions to the new energy circular economy. 

 New energy is the main energy source in the future world. As a member of the new energy industry, Pengjin Technology will continuously strengthen technological research and development, always ensure quality delivery time, strengthen process technology level, enhance the company's core competitiveness, sincerely serve customers, and support the national "dual carbon" strategy. 

 Attachment: Introduction to Pengjin Technology and this round of investment institutions 


 Dongguan Pengjin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pengjin Technology"), a national high-tech enterprise, is a professional equipment solution provider of new energy circular economy. NMP recycling equipment is the leader of the sub industry, and NMP rectification equipment is the first in the industry. Pengjin Technology has been laying out new energy lithium battery equipment for over 10 years and has a group of very high-quality customers. In the field of power batteries, the company is a core supplier of lithium power battery manufacturers such as BYD, CATL, Honeycomb Energy, Xinwangda, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Lishen, Guoxuan, etc; In the field of energy storage batteries, the company has become a high-quality supplier of energy storage upstarts such as Amer International Group, Baofeng Energy, Huawei, Foxconn, etc; In the field of overseas new energy industry, the company is supporting relevant equipment for Volkswagen's new energy base in Europe. Pengjin Technology has always adhered to the mission of "driving the development of new energy circular economy with technology", promoting the development of the new energy industry, innovating technology, serving customers, and achieving employees. 


 Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Finance Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Finance Group") is a municipal key state-owned enterprise invested in full by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Dongguan Municipal People's Government. It was reorganized and established in April 2018, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. Dongguan Kechuang Financial Group is positioned as an industrial fund operation platform, state-owned capital investment platform and technology financial service platform in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship and scientific and technological development in Dongguan. In terms of investment business, we will focus on the main track of strategic emerging industries such as high-end electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, and new materials, and actively promote the listing and development of advanced manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan. Currently, there are over 48 direct or fund investment projects, with a total investment amount of approximately 1.8 billion yuan. Among the investment projects, companies such as Anda Intelligent (688125), Dingtai High Tech (301377), Mingke Jingji (001319), Shengyi Electronics (688183), and Hanwei Technology (836957) have been listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, ChiNext Board, Main Board, and Beijing Stock Exchange, respectively, achieving full coverage of the invested projects on the "Four Boards". 


 Guangdong Decai Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Decai Fund"), founded in August 2017, registered in Nancheng District, Dongguan City, with private equity manager registration number P1068641, is committed to deepening the Pearl River Delta, focusing on the management and operation of growth oriented private equity funds, focusing on new materials, new energy, semiconductor industry and other fields. At present, there are a total of 12 investment projects, among which "Dingtong Technology (688668)", "Weifeng Electronics (301328)", and "China Innovation Airlines (03931)" have been successfully listed. 


 Beijing Zhiyun New Energy Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhiyun New Energy"), as a professional platform for integrating strategic investment in the field of new energy and new materials, covers high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing, battery manufacturing, battery materials, power replacement services, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage applications, Battery recycling, new energy vehicles and other subdivisions. Investing in more than 10 new energy industry projects, adhering to the strategic vision of "industry leading and global first-class", committed to implementing the national new energy development strategy, promoting the energy revolution and energy transformation development, and accelerating the high-quality development of the new energy industry. 


 Shenzhen Jianhe Investment Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jianhe Fund") was established in July 2015 with private equity manager registration number P1029671. It focuses on intelligent manufacturing and new material PE investment in emerging industries such as new energy, and has accumulated nearly 60 investment projects. Successful cases include "Zhenyou Technology (688418)", "Lianying Laser (688518)", "Dexin Technology (603032) acquiring Zhihong Precision" Projects such as "Aidi Palace (00286. HK)", "Deshi Shares (301158)", "Tongli Shares (834599)", and "Guandian Defense (688287)". Jianhe Fund was born into the first listed lithium battery equipment company in China. It has a deep understanding and research on the new energy industry and is skilled in handling specific corporate listing affairs. While investing in projects, this fund is committed to providing a series of IPO guidance services for invested enterprises, including listing finance, listing legal affairs, listing internal control, and listing feasibility study, to help them steadily enter the capital market. Jianhe Fund, as the first private equity institution in the industry to propose "early investment banking", will continue to provide IPO guidance services for Pengjin Technology in this investment, as well as capital operation and listing strategy services to promote its IPO journey and forge the "investment banking style investment" brand. 

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